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Establishment Details

To change details about your establishment such as name, descriptions, contact details, address etc, open the Establishment Details tab, edit the information of your choice and tap Save.

If your establishment is registered for VAT, you may add your VAT Registration number here.  Also ensure that your VAT percentage is set to the correct percentage, e.g. 14% for South Africa.  The VAT number will pull into invoices issued to guests.  The number will also be displayed on the computer generated invoices issued by Booksure which is compulsory according to the VAT law of South Africa.   You will also find a field for Invoice Name on this page, where you may enter a name to which you want your VAT invoices from Booksure made out to, should this differ from your establishment name.

Make sure that your establishment address and contact details are correct.

Also ensure that your establishment type is correctly indicated from the Establishment Type popup.  You may select more than one type.  Tap Save when you have selected the correct types.