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The services menu will show a list of services that are available at your establishment.  From this screen, you will be able to edit and delete existing services as well as add new services.

Add a service

To add a new service, click on the + Service button.  

A new screen will open where you can enter the details pertaining to the service.

Select the type of service you would like to add from the drop down menu.

Add your description to the service as well as the cost.  Should your establishment be Vat/Tax registered and should this service be taxable, please indicate the tax % charged for this service.
Select if you would like to take deposit payment for the service and what percentage you would like to receive. 

If your establishment is real-time enabled and you would like the service to be available via the real-time booking widget, slide the slider to yes.

Select which billing option you would like by clicking on the radio button. When completed click save.

If you would like to edit an existing service click on the pencil icon and make the necessary changes.

If you would like to delete a service click on the trash can icon.