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Add the links to your establishment's Facebook page and Twitter account. This will enable  potential guests to like your Facebook page and / or follow you on Twitter.

The Search Engine Optimization section will let you add key words and a description to your listing page on the Booksure affiliate sites. Search engines gather information from your site and compare it to what it is looking for. Depending on how well your meta tags match what the search engine is looking for, the search engine will assign a “rank” to your site. 

The Keyword meta tag needs to be a comma delimited list of the most important aspects of your establishment. Pick 10 to 15 words or phrases that most accurately describe your establishment.  Put the most important points at the beginning of the list and do not repeat words or phrases.

The meta description tag needs to be a brief and concise summary of your establishment. When creating your meta tag description, limit this to 200 characters at most.

Once you have completed the necessary fields click Save.