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Here you are able to add or edit rooms at a room type level.  Room types are groups of rooms with the same rate plan.  You are also able to add individual rooms to each room type.

From the bottom menu go to Settings and tap Rooms

Tap on the + Room Type button.

Enter the relevant details, i.e. Name, Room type quantity (how many rooms of this room type do you have?), Sleep quantity and Price, then tap Save.

You are now able to add individual rooms to the room types to distinguish between them.  Tap +Room next to the room type in order to add rooms.

Enter the room name and description on the next screen.

Add room facilities by tapping on the > icon, then mark off the applicable facilities and tap Save when done.

Tap Save on the next screen to return to the Rooms menu.

To edit information on the rooms or room types, click on the Pencil icon next to the particular room or room type that you wish to edit.