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The following can be set or amended within the Policies menu:

The deposit percentage will reflect on quotations you send to guests. Cabin members will not be able to set a deposit percentage of less than 50%.  The percentage entered will be the default deposit percentage that will pull in to any quotations that you create on the system.  Any guest making a payment will not be able to pay less than the required deposit percentage as indicated on the quote.  You will be able to change the default deposit percentage on each individual quote, but Cabin members will not be able to change it to less than 50%. To change the default deposit percentage, tap on the field and insert the new figure. Once completed, tap Save.

Check In and Check Out times are indicated on the different Booksure affiliate websites.  To alter your check-in & check-out times, click on the pencil icon and select your preferred times. Once set, please click Done.

If you do not allow children at your establishment, slide the block to the left to select No. If you allow children, select Yes and enter the minimum age of children allowed at your establishment.

As a Studio member, you will be able to accept credit card payments from Diners Club and American Express cards over and above the normal Visa and Master Card payments.  Payments from these cards are optional and can be amended from here at any time.  To indicate your preference, either select Yes or No on the appropriate slider and tap Save.

The transaction fees for the relevant credit cards are tabled below:
Master Card                       3% + VAT
Visa                                  3% + VAT
American Express              4% + VAT
Diners Club                       5% + VAT

Booksure e-mail notifications will be sent to the registered users.  Additional email addresses can be added here, should you require other staff members to receive Booksure notifications.  In order to do this, please complete the contact details under either the Reservation Manager or General Manager fields.  Reservation Managers will receive all notifications pertaining to reservations, e.g. new enquiries, messages from guests and booking confirmations.  The Reservation Manager may also enter a mobile number to receive SMS notification.  The General Manager will receive invoices and chargeback notifications.  

Cancellation Terms are the terms which will apply when a guest cancels their booking.  These will be displayed on all quotations and reservations received via the Booksure system.  To open the cancellation terms, click on the expandable > icon at the bottom of the Policies page. 

To add a new set of cancellation terms, tap on +Terms

You may then either edit the existing template or choose to enter new cancellation terms in your own words.  Once completed, tap Save.

To edit an existing cancellation term please tap on the pencil icon that appears next to the title. 

Tap on the text and make the necessary changes, then tap Save.