Payments and Transactions

The Payments and Transactions screen shows a record, by month of all payments made.  You can press on the calendar icon at the top right of the screen to change the month selection.  As you scroll down to the bottom of the page, the Load More button appears, allowing you to load more payments on the screen.

Payments are colour-coded based on their origin.  Payments made via the Booksure payment gateway show a light blue band on the left hand side.  Payments that have been manually recorded by yourself are displayed with an orange band on the left hand side.  Payments via Skrill show a burgundy colour band, Monsterpay are light green and Paypal are royal blue.

payments and transactions

All payments, excepting a manual payment will have a result code of either Successful or Unsuccessful.
A payment received via Booksure payment gateway will show a status of either Pending or a date will be displayed.  If a date is displayed, this means that the payment, less applicable fees, has already been transferred to your recorded bank account.  Pending means that the payment has not been on-paid to your selected bank account.  Depending on your Booksure membership package as well as the origin of the payment, this will either be within 3-4 working days or 24 hours after the guest arrival.

To view details of the payment, click on the expandable > button.

An example of a successful Booksure gateway transaction is displayed below.  The amount of ZAR 482.90 is the total amount that will be on-paid to the establishment.

Booksure successful

If a transaction is unsuccessful, the reason as given my the card-holders bank for the unsuccessful transaction will be displayed when clicking on the expandable > button.

booksure unsuccessful

All transactions that are paid via a 3rd party payment gateway will display slightly differently.  Below is an example of a successful Paypal account.  If a currency conversion took place at the time of the payment, the conversion rate that was applied will be displayed.

successful paypal