Enquiries Needing Attention

When a guest makes an enquiry through a Booksure embedded enquiry form on your website, Facebook page or an Affiliate site, the count on the Enquiries needing attention tab will increase.

In order to view the enquiries and respond, click on the Enquiries needing attention tab.  The screen below will be displayed. 

      Enquiries needing attention

Click on the expandable > button to view the full details of the enquiry .  At the top of the screen, you will see different action buttons.  
     View Enquiry

  • Send Message:  Send a message to your guest.
  • Amend Enquiry: Should information on the enquiry need to be amended.
  • Quote Now: Quote your guest.  A notification will be sent to your guest whereby your guest can accept the quote and pay securely online.
  • Resend Enquiry: Resend enquiry and/or quote details to your guest.
  • Cancel/Decline Enquiry:  Should you be unable to accommodate your guest, you can Decline the enquiry.  You will be afforded the opportunity to add a note to be sent with the decline notification to your guest.  Should you need to cancel the enquiry to remove it from your dashboard, without sending a notification to your guest, use the Cancel option.