Make a secure payment for a New Reservation

This option is used if the guest does not have a previous reservation recorded on the Booksure system.  The first screen will require the guest arrival departure dates and number of guests.  It is not compulsory to enter child & toddler ages. This is merely for your own information.
       arrival details

The next screen to appear will be the room screen where you can quote on a specific room type.  If your establishment is real-time enabled, a quick availability check will take place based on the dates entered and the available room quantity will be displayed.  Enter the room qty required.  If you would like the rates to be calculated automatically, based on the rates that have been entered via Booksure, click on the 'Rates' button.  Note that this is not compulsory.  If you know the rates, they can be entered immediately in the 'Price Incl' field.

       Select Rooms

The next screen will take into account how many people the room can accommodate.  From the dropdown lists, select the applicable Rateplan, and number of guests. 
The rate is automatically calculated at the bottom of the screen.   Click on the 'Apply Rate' button to have the rate pulled into the quotation.

       rates calculation

If this is a new customer, enter the guest's information.  If this is a customer who has stayed at your establishment before, you can look-up the guest information by clicking on the 'Existing Customer' button.

       existing customer

Enter at least 3 characters of the guest's first or last name and click on the search button on the keypad.

       Guest Search

A list will display on the page with any guest matching the characters entered in the search.  Click on the guest details to have the information automatically pulled into the reservation.

       guest info returned

Should your guest have made use of any services, the following screen will allow you to bill for services.


Should there be any other items that need to be included in the reservation, these can be included in the 'additional items' screen.

       Additional items

The final screen displays a summary of the reservation.  Make sure that all the information is correct on this screen before pressing the 'Make Payment' button.  Once the button is pressed, a new summary screen will display where you can make 100% certain that all details are correct.


Continue with the payment process as with the Make a Secure Payment for an existing reservation.