From this page all messages to and from guests may be viewed.  The messages are listed numerically according to reservation number with the latest reservation at the top. 

To view the messages pertaining to a specific reservation, it may be searched by reservation number or guest name.  Type in the search box next to the looking glass and then tap the looking glass on the typing pad to search.

The name displayed will be the name from whom the message was sent, so if the establishment name is displayed then the message was sent from the establishment to the guest.  To open an existing message, tap on the > next to the name.  If the message was from a guest, there will be an option to Reply.  If the message was from your establishment,  there will be an option to Resend.

To send a new message, tap the +Message button at the top of the screen.  You will have the option to either Enter Email Address or Search by Guest NameSearch by Guest Name will open a popup from where the guest name can be searched by entering text and then tapping the Looking glass icon.  Select the correct guest by tapping on the name.

Type your message and tap Send

Please note: Whenever a message is sent from the message centre to a guest email address, this message will not be linked to a reservation.