Make a Secure Payment

The Make a Secure Payment option acts like a credit card machine, and is used when the guest and credit card are present.  A secure payment may be made for either an existing reservation, for instance where the guest wants to pay the outstanding balance of his reservation, or for a new reservation where the guest walked in and no prior reservation exists on the Booksure system.

After clicking on the Make a Secure Payment link, a page will load showing a list of recent reservations.  Should the guest have made a deposit payment previously, you will be able to search on the reservation and make and additional payment on the same reservation.  If this is a new guest, whose details are not yet captured on the Booksure system, press on the + New Reservation button.   For this tutorial, we will focus on an existing guest.  For details and screen prints on creating a new reservation, please follow the New Reservation tutorial.   If you see the guest in the list on the screen, click on the > expandable icon to see details of the reservation.  If you do not see the guest details on the screen, click on the Search icon to open up a textbox and search for the guest's reservation.

          MSP list

The reservation opens with a buttons at the top Make Payment and Edit Reservation.  You may need to edit the reservation should you see any information on this screen that is incorrect, or should you wish to add additional payment items to the reservation.

         Reservation Summary

A payment page will be visible.  The amount outstanding on the reservation is displayed.  This is based on the total quoted amount less any amount paid.  This figure can be adjusted if needed.  Enter all the relevant credit card details and click on Confirm and Pay.
      MSP card entry

If the credit card used is enrolled in the 3D Secure program, a 3D secure screen will open.   The screen displayed below may vary, depending on the issuing bank.  It may even be in a different language.   Enter either the cell phone or email address that is on record for the credit card holder.   A One-Time pin will be sent via the method selected.  This One-Time Pin needs to be entered in order to continue.

         3D Secure

Once the One-Time pin has been entered, the cardholder's bank will instantly authenticate the cardholder.  A successful authentication will result in the transaction being processed.   A successful transaction will cause the receipt to be displayed on the receipt.  An unsuccessful transaction will result in an error message being displayed on the screen.  Please wait for the result of the payment to be displayed on the screen before closing the window.