Daily Diary

The Daily Diary enables you to view your enquiries, reservations and unconfirmed real-time reservations in either a Today or Week view.  Please ensure that you set your Daily Diary preferences to avoid having to set the filters each time you view your Diary. 

Today View

This will contain all reservations where the guests are either currently at your establishment, or any reservations where the arrival date is today.  Please click on the expandable > button should you wish to see a detailed view of a particular enquiry or booking.

Week View

This will display a Tuesday to Monday view of enquiries and bookings for the current week.  Should you wish to view a future week, please click on the Calendar icon, and enter the date, month and year.  

Applying Filters

In order to set the Daily Diary filter, please click on the Legend from within the Today or Week View.  Please tick the checkboxes that appear alongside the items that you wish to see, and click Apply Filter.